Football Juniors

Closed to new subscriptions

At a glance...

  • Free Subscription
  • Great online profile for your club
  • Notifies members of site updates
  • Displays Full-Time League tables
  • Built specifically for Junior Football Clubs - No Compromises !!!

Websites for Juniors Football...

Football Juniors is an online App that gives you a great club website. It’s a bit old fashioned these days but it's still fantastic for organising your club and communicating with your membership. It’s Fast… it’s Secure and it’s Easy to Use. And it's basic state, it's completely FREE!!!

You can publish news articles, home fixtures, contact details and lots more. Then, instead of waiting for your membership to ‘browse’ the site, we send them a notification email whenever you make any updates. It keeps everyone ‘in the loop’ and helps coordinate your membership. You’ll love it and so will they!

It's the same for teams... whenever a manager updates a team page, the players get an email telling them about the updates. Managers look after their own Team Section within the App by publishing team articles, upcoming fixtures, results, league tables, etc.

But hey! Don't just take our word for it, check out these Live club web sites: -

Full-Time League Tables...

Because most UK leagues now use The FA's Full-Time league system, we've made it easy to display Full-Time league tables, results and fixtures all from within your own team pages. It's really cool !!!

And even if your league doesn't use Full-Time it's not a problem, simply point the link at your leagues website and hey presto!

My Dot.Com and other Little Extras

Our standard offering is a free website with an address like

The thing is, a lot of clubs want their own domain name and that's OK, but we do need to make a small annual charge to provide this (£40 including vat). In return, you get your own club domain name.

Also, to give your new website a unique look and feel, customised artwork can be inserted at the top of your pages. This can include logo, club name, moto, Charter Standard, etc. You decide!

You can create it yourself (600px x 55px) or we can do it for you (£25 + vat), but it is worth doing... it transforms the look of the site!


UPDATE - AS OF 2022 FJ is closed to new subscriptions and unused sites are gradually being removed. The basic version remains available to existing users

Getting Started...

Signing-up to Football Juniors is quick and easy. Simply enter your name and email address and the name of your club.

We then send you an email with a link to activate your new site. The whole process take about 5 minutes (depending upon your email provider).

Once the site is created you can sign-in and add users, teams and identify the grounds where your teams play. You choose a colour scheme and upload your club logo and any other photos you want on the site.

We also send you an email to circulate to other club officials so that they can sign-in too. Before long the site becomes a 'living thing' with updates from team managers and club administrators.

There are lots of benefits to using Football Juniors, especially at the Team level. But to get the most out of the App, you'll need to get team officials 'on-board' and players registered. Then you'll really feel your club coming together.

Your members will love it and and so will you!! Click on the link at the top of the page and get started.